Volunteer Program


262-626-3105 ext 4412

Students:  The volunteer program is a great opportunity for a service class, covenant, or just the enjoyment of helping others.  Statistics show that student volunteers are less likely to engage in inappropriate behavior, have better grades in school and make a difference in the community. Complete a STUDENT APPLICATION.

Parents/Community Members: The volunteer program is a great way to show you care for our students.  Your volunteering will help our students develop positive attitudes toward learning and motivate them to achieve their potential.  It also gives you an opportunity to see the great things happening in our schools.  Complete an ADULT APPLICATION or senior citizen S.T.E.P. APPLICATION.

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Senior Tax Exchange Program

Kewaskum YOUTH and Kewaskum SENIOR CITIZENS are working together to make a difference.

This is one STEP (Senior Tax Exchange Program) that makes Kewaskum School District a place where working together makes a difference.  Every child, every parent, every grandparent, every community member, has the ability to succeed and help others to succeed.  Why not be one of those volunteers who changes a life, and helps another life to become all they can be?   Senior citizens for this program are defined as those age 62, collecting social security and residing in the district.

If interested in volunteering for the Kewaskum School District, please call 262-626-3105 ext 4412 Laurie Beimborn or email.

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