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Board of Education

Meeting the Needs of Students

We believe that a culture for learning is nurtured and sustained by cooperation among students, parents, staff, faculty, taxpayers, and other stakeholders. 

Read more about our Guiding Principles.



  • For Kewaskum School Board meeting agendas and minutes from June 12, 2017 and after: BoardDocs.
  • For bylaws, policies and administrative guidelines: BoardDocs
  • For meeting minutes and agendas prior to June 2017: Archived Meetings.
  • For Ad Hoc meetings, and other notices: Special Notices.

Regular school board meetings are generally held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Standing Committees

For up to date committee information, agendas and minutes, visit BoardDocs.

CESA Representative - Stephanie Bird
WASB Delegate - Sue Miller