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Student Services


The Student Services team provides support for those who have concerns regarding a child's academic, social, or behavioral development. 

 If you believe your child may have a disability  and/or is in need of additional services or accommodations, please contact one of our School Psychologists: 

 Casie Stuettgen:  KES - 262-626-3101, ext. 1005 or KMS - 262-626-3104, ext. 2105

 Steven Erdmann:  KHS - 262-626-3105, ext. 7115 or FES - 262-626-3102, ext. 7115


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Contact Us

Director of Student Learning and Services

Jody Heipp
262-626-8427, ext 1010, email

Student Services Administrative Assistant

Jill Ebert
262-626-8427, ext 1009, email

Department Information

1415 Bilgo Lane
P.O. Box 127
Kewaskum, WI 53040

Phone: 262-626-8427, ext 1009
Fax: 262-477-1751

School Counselors

Jamie Leoni
Kewaskum High School
262-626-3105, ext 4146, email                      Webpage

Rebecca Bryant
Kewaskum High School
262-626-3105, ext 4144, email                         Webpage

Amanda Paruch
Kewaskum Middle School
262-626-3104, ext 2106, email

Jody Mundigler-Hemauer
Kewaskum Elementary (KES)
262-626-3101, ext 1105, email​​​​

Carmen Klenner
Farmington Elementary (FES)

KSD Mental Health Grant Navigator/Coordinator

262-626-3102, ext 7111, email 

School Psychologists

Steven Erdmann
Kewaskum High School
Farmington Elementary School
262-626-3105, ext. 7115, email
262-626-3102, ext. 7115, email

Casie Stuettgen
Kewaskum Elementary School
Kewaskum Middle School
262-626-3101, ext 1005, email
262-626-3104, ext 2105, email

School Nurse

Kim Bocher
School Nurse
262-626-3104, ext 2111, email