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Welcome to the Kewaskum School District!

Kewaskum is a small community with opportunities similar to larger school districts. The Kewaskum School District provides a solid foundation for students to achieve their highest potential, both academically and within their community.

No matter what level a student enters our schools, it is our goal to deliver each student a high quality, rigorous, and relevant education.

Educating the WHOLE CHILD is vitally important to us, our families, and the communities we serve. 

Connect with us!  

We are eager to talk with you and your family, give you a tour, and answer any questions you might have.  To begin the enrollment process, please fill out the applicable form below based on the age of your child.  One of our building secretaries will be in contact with you!


girls running

Elementary School
Grade 4K - 5

Enrollment Forms:

Contact Building Secretary 

Kewaskum Elementary: 262-626-3101 
Farmington Elementary 262-626-3102

Math Class

Middle School
Grade 6 - 8

Enrollment Forms:

Contact Building Secretary

262-626-3104 ext 2102

Pep band

High School
Grade 9 - 12

Enrollment Forms:

Contact Registrar

262-626-3105 ext 4140

Required Documents
Other Forms
Before & After School Care
Medical Forms
New Family Resource Sheet


Open Enroll into Our Schools

Are you considering the Kewaskum School District for your child but do not live in the District?

The 2024-25 Open Enrollment Application period runs from February 5, 2024 through April 30, 2024.  If you missed the application period please complete the Alternative Application form after July 1.